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Economic Times Newsletter – 3rd Quarter 2018

The Pharr Economic Development Corporation has been busy promoting our city’s economic opportunities, celebrating the opening of new businesses, and working with our local regional, state, and federal partners to advocate for projects and programs that directly impact our region and city.

Economic Times Newsletter – 2nd Quarter 2018

We are halfway through 2018, and our economy in Pharr continues to thrive. Our focus this quarter has been working on economic development projects of regional significance, welcoming many new businesses to our area, and continuing to support efforts to promote workforce development and job readiness.

Economic Times Newsletter -1st Quarter 2018

The first quarter of 2018 was a very active and exciting one for us at the Pharr EDC. In February, I celebrated my one year anniversary of my appointment as President and CEO of the Pharr EDC. Together, we have shared many accomplishments in serving the business community and contributing to our local economy.

Economic Times Newsletter – 4th Quarter 2017

We have been busy at the Pharr Economic Development Corporation since our last newsletter, welcoming many new businesses, celebrating groundbreakings, working with our international partners, and continuing to expand opportunities for our residents to enjoy a better quality of life—at home and around our great City of Pharr! Here at the Pharr EDC, we are on the trajectory of expansion, working closely with our community, regional partners, businesses, and future investors to continue to build this city! As always, we thank you for your support and business and we cannot wait to share the many new developments and projects we have been working on with you!

Economic Times Newsletter – October 2017

As the President & CEO of the Pharr Economic Development Corporation, I would like to thank you for your continued partnership, business, and investment in our great city. We have experienced tremendous growth over the years and in Pharr, your business is “our business”! At the Pharr EDC we work hard to ensure you have every tool to be successful and thriving in the market, that is why we are proud to announce the launch of our new Pharr EDC “Economic Times Newsletter” which will help keep you abreast of all current EDC projects and events occurring in the community and beyond. Our priority at the Pharr EDC is the success of our businesses and companies, continued growth of our city, quality of life of our residents, and capitalizing on our unique global marketplace. We hope this will serve as a useful resource in highlighting our regional, state, and international economic development projects!